• Национальный парк “Севан”

    Национальный парк “Севан” – это некоммерческая, имеющая статус юридического лица, экологическая, научно-исследовательская ... Read More
  • Фауна

    В национальном парке "Севан" и в его буферной зоне встречаются 267 видов птиц, принадлежащих к следующим таксономическим группам... Read More
  • Флора

    Флора национального парка "Севан" и его буферной зоны включает в себя 1727 видов сосудистых растений. При этом 1145 ... Read More
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Welcome to the official web site of the “Sevan” National Park” SNCO. With the help of this web site you can find diverse information about “Sevan” National Park” SNCO and you can achieve required information using mentioned contacts and telephone numbers.

“Sevan” National Park” was established օn the Decree N 125 of Central Committee of the Communist Party of Armenian SSR and Board of Ministers in 1978 dated on March 14.

“Sevan” National Park” is situated in the northern part of the Armenian volcanic highlands in Gegharkunik Marz some 60 km far from the capital city of Yerevan. The park covered on an area of 147.343 ha of which surface area is 22.585 ha. The buffer zone includes 342.920 ha. Till 1997 the forest fund soils were under jurisdiction of Sevan, Martuni, Noratus and Chambarak forestries. In 1997 the above mentioned forestries except Chambarak were dissolved. Their property and appropriate areas were transferred from balance to balance to the “Sevan” National Park. The coastal areas and the property of recreation zone of the lake Sevan were transferred to the national park. “Sevan” National Park SNCO implements the conservation of natural ecosystems, landscape varieties and biodiversity, scientific researches of natural heritage, protection, regeneration, recovery, inventory, observation and the utilization of natural resources. It is a non-profit ecological scientific-research and cognitive organization and has a status of Legal Person who operates according to the constitution of RoA , the law on “Special Protected Areas’’ and the law on ‘’State Non-Commercial Organizations’’ and to the charter of SNCO “Sevan” National Park and other legal acts. According to the law of RoA on “Lake Sevan” the territory of national park was entirely included in the Central Zone of Sevan ecosystem and is defined as a special object for regulation of town building activities.

In the territory of Sevan national park is situated the biggest and highest freshwater lake of Southern Caucasus the volume of which is 33.2km3, the total surface is 1238km2.The submarine mound Shorja levee stretched between Ardanish and Noratus promontories divides the lake into two parts southeastern or Big Sevan with 20.4km3 and northeastern Small Sevan with 12.8km3. The maximum depth is 79.4m /Small Sevan/ and average depth 26.2m.

28 rivers and brooks feed Sevan, of which 4 flow to Small Sevan and 24 to Big Sevan. The only outlet of the lake Sevan is the river Hrazdan.